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Full schedule of the Simple Session 14 is here!

Garrett Reynolds!
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We’re beyond stoked to announce that Garrett Reynolds will be back riding at the Simple Session 14 this year.

Garrett is an undeniable badass of BMX, who is able to rack up huge contest wins (XGames, Dew Tours, Simple Sessions - you name it), while continuing to demonstrate what he’s really about: riding new spots, hanging with friends and progressing BMX like only Garrett can.

His highly-anticipated deadline crew video part that dropped this fall was BMX history in the making. We're very excited to have Garrett back and already so awesome line-up of riders just got that much cooler!!

Garrett will be joined by his Fiend BMX teammate and badass rider Colin Varanyak to who this is a first visit to Simple Session.

Garrett 180 barspins over Corey Martinez doing a burnout while Tony Neyer, Brian Kachinsky and Van Homan chill. Credit: Ryan Fudger / Red Bull Content Pool

Ryan Sheckler and Ryan Decenzo!
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Ryan Sheckler and Ryan Decenzo will once again be taking up a trip to Northern Europe, to be competing in the annual Simple Session skateboarding contest.

Third time for Simple Session 2011 winner Sheckler and second for Decenzo, the riders will be going against 80 top skaters from all over the world, including Greg Lutzka (USA), Micky Pappa (CAN) and Ryo Sejiri (JAP) to name a few.

The returning champion Ryan Sheckler, now 24 years old, was the youngest skater to have ever won the X-Games gold medal in 2003. The San Clemente, California native repeated the feat in 2008 and again in 2010 and has by now won countless prestigious skateboarding competitions, earning him the title of one of the greatest skateboarders ever.

Ryan Decenzo's big break came when he won the most prestigious amateur skate contest in the world, the Tampa Am. Since turning pro back in January 2010, the Vancouver, British Columbia native ripper hasn’t once taken a break and has quickly achieved impressive results at some of the most exalted events in the world, including two gold medals at the X-Games.

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We are going to send out all the replies to press accreditation requests by tomorrow 23rd of January! Thank you for your patience and thank you for applying!

Party program online!
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We have dope LIVE acts and best DJs! Let's get loooose!

FaceBook event!

Robin Bolian!
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Robin Bolian is a young all-round shredder from France skating everything but his transitions skills are especially oustanding. We're stoked to host him at his first Simple Session this February!

Simple Session 14 brand new course design unveiled!
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Watch the overview video above and other angles here!

Lahsaan Kobza!
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Subrosa's and Shadow's Lahsaan Kobza will make his second appearance at the Simple Session 14 this February!

Lahsaan rode awesome at the SS'13 and for a reminder, just check his part in the G.U.T.I. video that we premiered at the Simple Session last March. So good!

Lahsaan has been on his grind for a long time now. He's been hitting all kinds of comps, jams, and traveling the world having a good ass time, and easily earned the sought-after opening section in Subrosa Brand's first full-length video "Get Used To It".

The speed and style Lahsaan is becoming known for shines through in his section which features everything from super tech rail moves to huge 3's, all while having the best time ever. This is just a sample of the amount of tricks Lahsaan has in his bag.

Lahsaan at the Simple Session 13 in March 2013.

Kelvin Hoefler is back for Simple Session 14!
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2013 silver medalist Kelvin Hoefler is going to chase another place on the podium this year.

At Simple Session 13 Hoefler qualified on top which took him straight to the finals where he unfortunately had to acknowledge defeat to Max Kruglov.
But this year Kevin is back to improve on and we might see him taking down the gold medal.

When asked about what inspires him, Hoefler said ‘To know there's always something to learn and to progress’.

That’s probably why he always has a smile on his face !

Kriss Kyle and Dan Paley!
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The latest and greatest from BSD's Kriss Kyle. Love the cinematography and feeling of this film. You can catch up with Kriss at the Simple Session. As well as with Dan Paley who is also in this nice video by Dave Sowerby.

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