Simple Session co-director Risto Kalmre is convinced, that the park is going to be a treat: "We are glad to be working with Nate Wessel again, he's a true magician when it comes to skatepark design. Once again he has come up with an incredible concept, and with the list of prestigious riders confirmed for the contest, it's going to be historic. There are so many rad features and details on this course – it's probably the biggest and most detailed skatepark we have built for the event. It contains a full bowl, tons of hips, corners and walls for the park guys, a huge hubba with rails, and tons of different ledges and wedges for the street riders and skaters. Shadow coffin, which we introduced last year, is back with new geometry. Not to mention several totally unique features like rail to wallride and our thunderbolt styled obstacle, called "RIDE THE LIGHTNING"! There's endless amount of lines hidden in there and I can't wait to see the riders and skaters shredding it."

Nate Wessel himself is also stoked: "I think it's an awesome concept and will make a ton of crazy tricks happen on it. Every year I look forward to Simple Session and for a long time Simple Session has been my favourite project. I really look forward to all of the creative things the riders will do on some of the new features. Super stoked for this year – \m/_ metal _\m/ – Ride the Lightning!"


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