'Sister Session' - ONLINE premiere!
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Last year the Simple Session series saw its first ever girls BMX jam – the Sister Session – go down. The contest featured eight top girl riders from around the globe demonstrate some amazing female riding.

The Sister Session contest was also featured in a self-titled short documentary, that has been screening in 30 cities worldwide with the Bicycle Film Festival (BFF) 2012 official program.

A film by Brett Astrid Võmma, Helen Habakuk & Doris Tääker premiered at the BFF opening in New York City on June 30 last year.

The director of the BFF Brendt Barbur was amazed by the film and the perception it has been receiving from screenings around the world: "People have been crying and roaring. It's definitely a huge hit. My hair stood on my arms at the screenings." Brean Shea from the BFF New York team was feeling the positive vibes as well: "The audience was very moved. Many people told me it was their favourite film in the festival."

"The girls were incredible last year! It took some serious courage for them to come out at a contest of this level, and put everything they had into the play on the course. We were stunned to see how it resulted in some of the most impressive and emotional moments of last years Simple Session, for both the riders and the audience. We are glad to see the girls BMX scene growing, and to have them around again, hopefully coming up with yet another jam that will have everybody talking," said Risto Kalmre, co-director of Simple Session.

This year the girls BMX jam is back for a second round at the Simple Session. Lined up for the contest are last year's winner Camila Harambour CHI, Angie Marino USA (2nd), Katherine Diaz VEN (5th) and Rebecca Berg GER (6th). Also competing will be riders Katya Kruglova RUS, Ashley Armstrong GBR, Cédrine Tretout FRA, Peta Shepherd AUS and main voice from the 'Sister Session' movie – Kayley Ashworth UK.

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PARK INN HOTEL (that has been our main hotel in the previous years) has got fully booked for 15-17th of March. They're doing renovations, so less rooms were available.

We recommend to book into TALLINK CITY HOTEL, it's 4star hotel and just 500 meters around the corner from PARK INN.

Our other hotel offers are also available here.

For our locations map check below:

View Simple Session map in a larger map

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Simple Session co-director Risto Kalmre is convinced, that the park is going to be a treat: "We are glad to be working with Nate Wessel again, he's a true magician when it comes to skatepark design. Once again he has come up with an incredible concept, and with the list of prestigious riders confirmed for the contest, it's going to be historic. There are so many rad features and details on this course – it's probably the biggest and most detailed skatepark we have built for the event. It contains a full bowl, tons of hips, corners and walls for the park guys, a huge hubba with rails, and tons of different ledges and wedges for the street riders and skaters. Shadow coffin, which we introduced last year, is back with new geometry. Not to mention several totally unique features like rail to wallride and our thunderbolt styled obstacle, called "RIDE THE LIGHTNING"! There's endless amount of lines hidden in there and I can't wait to see the riders and skaters shredding it."

Nate Wessel himself is also stoked: "I think it's an awesome concept and will make a ton of crazy tricks happen on it. Every year I look forward to Simple Session and for a long time Simple Session has been my favourite project. I really look forward to all of the creative things the riders will do on some of the new features. Super stoked for this year – \m/_ metal _\m/ – Ride the Lightning!"

We welcome the best street riders to "RIDE THE LIGHTNING"!
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We have seen the course taken by storm by countless amazing riders at the Simple Session. Now it's turn to see, who'll be stealing who's thunder! We are thrilled to announce, that we have partnered up with Failure Bikes for the Simple Session 2013 to present you our new Best Trick competition – "RIDE THE LIGHTNING"!

Matt Bischoff AKA the Beard, founder and owner of Failure Bikes stated: "Simple Session, in my opinion, is one of the greatest contests in the World. The course, the riding, the people behind it – it absolutely rules! I am super stoked to have Failure as a partner in this years event. Can't wait to see everyone RIDE THE LIGHTNING!"

"We are really glad to welcome Failure Bikes to the array of our BMX sponsors and looking forward to work together on the lightning bolt best trick feature. It's going to be a treat! World acclaimed park designer Nate Wessel has been tightly connected to Failure Bikes for a long time and we've been designing our courses with him already since 2007. Nice to finally connect the dots! He came up with an amazing course layout again and with the list of prestigious riders already confirmed for the contest, it's going to be historic!" said Risto Kalmre, one of the organisers of Simple Session.

Nate Wessel himself is also content with the unique feature: "I think it's an amazing concept and will make a ton of crazy tricks happen on it."

The brand new course design along with the "RIDE THE LIGHTNING" Best Trick feature will be announced on Monday 21st of February!

Failure Bikes team together with it's owner Matt and Nate will be at the Simple Session, along with hundreds of other BMX industry VIPs.

Kelvin Hoefler!
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We're stoked to have confirmed Kelvin Hoefler for the Simple Session 13 skate comp!

Kelvin is from Sao Paolo Brazil, currently residing in Los Angeles. Hoefler skates both street and park, and in 2011 he took three World Cup Skateboarding first place finishes in the UK, Prague and Italy – Hoefler is a world renowned threat in skateboarding. He has placed high in all of the big events like Maloof, Dew Tour, Tampa Pro, X Games, and taken home gold from Nass, Mystic Cup and other WCS spots.

Kelvin is a definite candidate for the Simple Session podium!

Brand new skatepark!
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Swedish & Norwegian BMX qualifications
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Check the video from our Swedish & Norwegian BMX qualification event Lucia Jam last month.

Invitation to the Simple Session 12 went to:

1. Ola Selsjord NOR
2. Ole Andre Kristansen NOR
3. Adrian Malmberg SWE
4. Jacob Nedler SWE
5. Ludwig Oskarsson SWE

Simple Session's tease!
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Simple Session experience!
Video by Moscow's Nikita Belous / Kaunet
Book your tickets at Ticketpro!!!

Simple Session Qualification events for Lithuania and Latvia!
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Qualification event for Lithuanian riders and skaters will take place on the February 2nd at Lion Skatepark in Vilnius! Hit the photo below for more info!

Latvian qualification for the Simple Session 13 will take place on the 9th of February in Riga at Monsterparks!

Manny Santiago!
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We're super stoked to announce that Manny Santiago has signed up and booked for the Simple Session 13.

Puerto Rican-born Manny Santiago lived most of his live in the East Coast US but now is a Los Angeles skater who is always smiling. He's got undeniable skills and video parts and contest results to prove it – big win at the Crossroads Best Trick event, Street League bronze and good placings at Dew Tour and X Games events.

Manny skates goofy and for Axion, Ammo, Famous Stars And Straps, Hubba Wheels, Siege, Grizzly Grip and Diamond.

Stay tuned for other big name skaters to be confirmed and announced!

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Diego Fiorese BRA

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