BMX for tomorrow!
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BMX jam practice groups for tomorrow qualifying!! Check it out, there's been some changes in the heats.

Tomorrow's SKATE qualification groups
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Course build-up timelapse #1!
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Simple Session 13 course build-up timelapse #1! from Simple Session on Vimeo.

Updated BMX practice heats!
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Simple Session will be LIVE on Xbox with interactive user engagement!
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Simple Session newspaper now also on web!
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We'll have our own bar this year for after practice chill & pre-drink before clubs. Open Thu & Fri.
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Together with Venture Further, we have set up a special bar this year for the two days leading up to Simple Session.

Come and hang out / meet the pros/bros / admire a fine view / drink some lager with us and get into the groove...

On third floor of Rotermanni Prooviveski. (Less than 1min walk from Park INN and Tallink City hotels and Vapiano)


Open 16:00

DJs: Some Kalamari Unioon lads and some guys of the Parmani People

Open 16:00

Djs: Salvador posse & JÄCK boys

Venture Further will play its new trip video and offer some free drinks.


Entrance with FB 'attend' or riders/guest/press wristband.

Austyn Gilette!
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One of the late addition to the skateboarding line-up is 21-year old Habitat pro Austyn Gilette!

Known for his cutting-edge roles in skateboarding cinema like his solo part for Thrasher and his Quicksilver video with the Berrics, Austyn has a style that is smooth and all his own. Sponsored by Habitat Skateboards, Habitat Shoes, Small Wheels, Royal Trucks, and Liberty Boardshop, Austyn also has his own signature line of Habitat skateboard decks.

From La Habra, California Austyn currently calls Los Angeles, California home. He turned pro for Habitat Skateboards after being featured in two groundbreaking roles in "Habitat Inhabitants" and "Habitat Origins". In addition to that he has done a solo part for Thrasher, Berrics and Quicksilver.

Though not usually one for competitions. Gillette competed in the 2012 Street League after his Selection video on the Berrics website was voted as one of the top five. With a fast and powerful style combined with his knack for creativity and innovation, Austyn Gillette is the one to watch.

Simple Session Film Festival tickets are on sale!
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You can buy tickets to all of the screenings at Solaris from here.

Don't miss "Rotten" European premiere! Or "Venture Further" World premiere. And other films are really great as well.

Subrosa G.U.T.I. film premiere tickets are available at Kino Sõprus box office! This is going to be mental! Don't forget to buy tickets!

Film Festival takes place Wednesday-Friday 13-15th of March!
Check more from our filmfestival site.

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Featured athlete
Fernando Bramsmark SWE
Fernando Bramsmark SWE

Age: 19
Hometown: Malmo
Sponsors: Nike SB, Skate Mental, Independent, Spitfire, Streetlab
Stance: Goofy

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