The new Simple Session 12 course design is online!
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Simple Session 12 street course is again a real treat – fresh and trendy elements mixed with a great number of details and surprising combinations. The course consists of nearly endless lines for both monster air and gap maniacs as well as rail-craving and ledge-loving street wolves, offering deep-laid possibilities for both skateboarders and BMX-riders alike. For everyone’s pleasure, the park will be there with it’s curves and edges for four whole days, waiting for the 200 worlds best bikers and skaters from around the world to give it their best shot. The day after the competitions, the course will be open for everyone wanting to give it a try.

More views here!

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Still some good price Ryanair tickets available for trip to Simple Session 12. Starting prices for roundtrips are from Barcelona (107 EUR), Dusseldorf (117 EUR), Stockholm (319 SEK), Oslo (404 NOK), Frankfurt (39 EUR) and Milan (137 EUR)

A few changes in the BMX line-up
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There's a few line-up changes in the BMX category. Unfortunately two time SS bronze medalist Dennis Enarson has separated his shoulder and will be out for 6 weeks, unable to ride at the SS this year. Christian Porras from Colombia had a crash and the result was two screws in his ankle and 3 months of recovery. Also Leon Perkins from the UK is injured.

But so a few awesome new riders for the SS are upped up from the 'reserve list' to the confirmed riders list. They are William "Abobadinho"" Pinto from Brazil, Brandon Loupos from Australia and Ay Anaya from the United States. All three will be shredding at the Simple Session 12!

Check Gatorade Free Flow winner Brandon Loupus shredding some ramps and pulling a double flip:

SS12 posters
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We present you the Simple Session 12 (presented by Lion) posters. They have already hit the streets in Tartu and will do so in Tallinn and rest of the Estonia on Monday. Posterboys are Simple Session skater Toomas Seppänen and rider Andres Lainevool.

Some rooms available at our main host hotel!
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We managed to free up some rooms in our main host hotel Park INN Central by Radisson. Use the password and code in this link and book ASAP if you wanna stay there.

Jonathan Thijs!
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Second SS11 qualifier Jonathan Thijs will be back for the Simple Session 12 skate comp. Jonathan qualified second just after Sheckler and before Axel Crusher last year. He ended up getting respectable 9th place in the Finals. But we're sure Jonathan would like to better his score this year. Things are gonna be heated at the SS12!

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Simple Session 12 is going to be popular... We have two whole hotels fully booked now. Saturday night at Domina INN is now also fully booked. So please book to L'ermitage or Olümpia from now on. Check the offers from or check other accommodation options in Tallinn from here –

Skate MC's at the Simple Session 12!
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The skate side of things at the Simple Session 12 will be hosted by skate legend Dave "Double D" Duncan from Long Beach California and Tom Olaf "Reket" Urb from Estonia.

Tom Olaf is a respected hiphop artist Reket and been in the Estonian skate scene since it's early years. He's also a part of Haigla skate crew. Tom has been living in LA and London pursuing his sound production and music studies but is now back in Tallinn.

Dave Duncan's story is almost like telling the history of skateboarding. He's been skating and surfing since the 70's, been a pro in the legendary Tony Alva skateboards along with teammates Hosoi and Reategui, been involved in the Hollywood skate movie "Trashin" and since the 80's been working with USA National Skateboard Association (since renamed World Cup Skateboarding). He's been skatng, judging and announcing pro contest for more than two decades. Dave also announces and judges at many top snowboardign events such as Winter X Games, US Open, Vans Tahoe Cup and even all the snowboard action and the Winter Olympics. Through World Cup Skateboarding and WCS Snowboarding, Dave has continued to be involved with all the major skateboard and snowboard competitions worldwide and still continues to compete in the Grand Masters Division with all the other legends of the 80’s skate scene. Dave is currently enjoying all aspects of his career as well as working on such skate events as Pro Tec Pool Party in the Vans Combi-Pool, Soul Bowl HB, Quiksilver Bowlriders in Sweden, Mystic cup in Prague, XGames in LA and Dubai, AST Dew tour USA, GVR SoCal, Bondi Bowl-a-Rama in Australia and Oregon Trifecta. He and his crew are currently working to help design, build, advise and oversee the construction of some of the best skateboard parks, ramps, street courses, arena competitions and events in skateboard history. He's been running a skateboard company Focus Skateboards in the 90's and his latest company Daggers has been going strong for more than 10 years.

Check the interview we did with Dave for the Sahtel Magazine.

Catfish and Darryl Nau!
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The BMX side of thing at the Simple Session 12 will be hosted by two best MC's in the business. The one and only Zack "Catfish" Yankush, currently living in LA California and Darryl Nau, the legend from NYC BMX scene. Simple Session guests are already familiar with magnific mr Catfish and his voice magic that makes the whole arena to go absolutely bananas. This time he will be joined by New York's living legend and super rad dude Darryl Nau. The guys who visited our Summer Session in Helsinki last August know what to expect from him. This pair of the best BMX announcers will surely deliver a good show, of course in tight cooperation with 100 worlds best riders!

SIMPLE DREAM (a short documentary) -- online premiere!
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A short documentary film by Roman Neimann and Andzei Matsukevits. Produced by Risto and Mario Kalmre.

Following the dream-come-true story of an aspiring local BMX-rider Kristjan Aasmäe, the short film brings out the contrasts between the world famous wintertime BMX- and skateboarding event Simple Session in Estonia and the country’s own BMX-scene.

The film was selected for the program of 2011 Bicycle Film Festival in 26 cities worldwide. The BFF 2011 events were attended by 225,000 bike lovers.

Simple Dream premiered at the Bicycle Film Festival in Tallinn on the 2nd of June and in New York on the 25th of June 2011.

The rest of the cities where the short was screened were: London, San Francisco, Washington, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Montreal, Portland, Vienna, Tokyo, Toronto, Amsterdam, Athena, Chicago, Liverpool, Miami, Paris, Sao Paulo, Sydney and Taipei.

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