There is tons of interesting things to do in Tallinn while you are visiting it during Simpel Session 11
! We have chosen some of them for you that we definately suggest!

See mr. Catfish speaking about his Tallinn experience:)

Tallinn oldtown

Built up from the 13th to 16th centuries, when Tallinn – or Reval as it was known then – was a thriving member of the Hanseatic trade league, this enclosed neighbourhood of colourful, gabled houses, half-hidden courtyards and grandiose churches is, quite rightly, the city's biggest tourist draw. And the fact that it's all neatly packaged within a mostly-intact city wall and dotted with guard towers gives it an extra dose of fairytale charm. Read more from here here!


Club Hollywood (Everybody who has visited Simpel Session over the years have been there, ask them about the experience:))

Club Korter
Roseni 9 (less than 5 minute walk from Hotel Park Inn)

Club Von Krahl
Rataskaevu 10 (in Tallinn oldtown)
Home of World famous Simpel Session afterparties!


Kalev Spa
Aia 18 (appr 5 minute walk from Hotel Central)
Pools, water attractions, tube slides, bubble baths, Finnish saunas, steam saunas
Tickets to waterpark starting from around 8 euros (13 USD)

Tallink SPA

Address: Sadama 11a (appr 10 minute walk from Hotel Central)
Pools, poolside bar!, Jacuzzi, salt water pool, outdoor pool, different saunas, massages
Tickets to spa starting from around 10 euros (15 USD)


Address: Estonia pst 9 (appr 10 minute walk from Hotel Central)
Shops like DC, Nike, Apple, Sony, Nokia and many-many others. Includes also multiplex cinema Cinamon (tickets around 4 euros)

AHHAA Center

Address: Liberty Square (just next to where Simpel Summer Session was held)
Experience 4d cinema in new science center in centre of Tallinn!
Tickets cost 4 euros.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating Arena in oldtown, Harju street


Estonian National Art Museum (KUMU)
Address: Valge 1