Catfish is announcing Simpel Session 11
[17.12.10] Facebook Twitter

To disprove any rumors going around, the one and only Catfish IS announcing the BMX side of Simpel Session 11!

Ruben, Sergio, Dylan, Kevin, JB ...
[16.12.10] Facebook Twitter

Ruben Alcantara, Dylan Smith, Kevin Porter, JB Peytavit and Sergio Layos are confirmed for the SS11! Gonna be more sick than ever. Tickets will be on sale shortly, book your flights/boats/trains/buses to Tallinn!

Brad Simms!
[15.12.10] Facebook Twitter

It's been a few days silence from us but it's because we're busy with a lot of exciting stuff that we're soon getting public. Stay tuned. We're also a bit behind on publishing confirmed riders but believe us, we're gonna have more top dudes in the official list shortly. To start with, the man with a ridiculous pop and quadzillion air miles Brad Simms will be back in Tallinn again after his first and so far only visit in 2008 when he also made it to the Simpel Session Finals.

Greg Lutzka!
[13.12.10] Facebook Twitter

We're super stoked to confirm Greg Lutzka for his first ever Simpel Session attendance!

Greg is a Midwest transplant from Milwaukee, WI, to California and appears to be one of the most laidback skaters on the street scene. He doesn't get bummed when he doesn't do well, but that's rare – he has won Tampa Pro three times (2006, 2008, 2009) and has three XGames Street medals (2 silver, 1 bronze) and World Champion title among others.

So, with his ability to take the frontside 360 over, onto, or around anything at anytime, Greg usually lands it right in the top 10. In 2007 he did that and more when he finished second to Ryan Sheckler in the overall race for the Dew Cup.

It seems the party never stops for The Polish Muska these days. Although palling around with celebrities, randomly popping up in movies and rap videos, and living the dream in Southern California, Greg still reps Milwaukee wherever he goes and has the 414 area code to prove it.

Drew Thousand Ten
[13.12.10] Facebook Twitter

Simpel Session 10 BMX Champion is added to the list! Canada's Drew Bezanson is quite possibly the most talked-about rider of 2010, prompting many to call the year "Drew-thousand-ten." A large number of utterly ridiculous web edits featuring Drew destroying various ramp set-ups have the Internet abuzz, and he backed that up by going 3-for-3 in his first 2010 Park contests, qualifying first and taking the win at the Simpel Session 10 in February, Toronto BMX Jam in March and JoMoPro in April. After this he was taken out for a while by an injury but Drew will be back for more in 2011. His performance often draws comparisons to Jamie Bestwick in a vert contest, since everyone knows he’s going to deliver an amazing show. This brought him the Nora Cup 2010 'Ramp Rider of the Year' title.

Riders update
[09.12.10] Facebook Twitter

A bunch of riders added to the list. These are so good dudes, we're not gonna even start telling the long story about them, you know it already. Added are SS long time finalist and crowd favorite Mark Webb, SS best trick winner and 180 long-jump champion Ty Morrow, three-times SS silver medalist Gary Young, as well as always-a-treat-to-see Sean Sexton and this years FISE champion Alessandro Barbero. After many years of absence SS04 champion and SS05 silver medalist Tobias Wicke will be making a comeback too. And the one and only street star Dakota Roche will be making his first ever visit to Estonia. Click below for his section from the 'Brighton Ain't Ready' video (also screened at previous SS Film Festival).

Dave Thompson!
[08.12.10] Facebook Twitter

Dave Thompson is added to the BMX list! Dave destroys, plain and simple. Hailing from the BMX mecca of Salt Lake City USA, Dave’s riding has been making a lot of people take notice. As this Props Bio video below proves, he’s not afraid to pay for his clips with a little blood.

Pat Casey added to the BMX list!
[07.12.10] Facebook Twitter

16 year old Pat Casey is an unbelievably talented rider who placed on the podium at Warriors of Wood earlier this year, then made it onto the Dew Tour and was named Rookie of the Year over there, then into the Nike 6.0 HB BMX Pro contest, Jomo Pro, ASA Big Air Tripes ... Needless to say, he’s on the up and up. This will be his first trip to Estonia.

SS10 booklet online
[07.12.10] Facebook Twitter

Last winter we published a nice booklet for our 10th year anniversary that contained some neat little top-10s with some key figures at Simpel Session. When you missed the printed publication, then here's an online version for ya...

Film Festival submissions
[07.12.10] Facebook Twitter

As you might have heard, this February's Simpel Session also features the Film Festival again. We have some exciting features planned for it. But if you have a worthy bike or skate movie or short you're planning to release and are interested to show on big screen, don't hesitate to contact us!

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