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We've been working hard on the Simpel Session 11 course design, together with our main man Nate Wessel. After last February's big success, it was difficult to imagine how it could get any better. But with this one, it is clear that Nate has really outdone himself. We can't believe how amazing it's going to be!

Check more angles and views of the brand new course here.
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Simpel Session 11 tickets are coming to sale on January 2nd in Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. See more info here! Simpel Session visitors from other countries can make reservation for tickets, writing e-mail to
Maddog added to the SS11 BMX line-up!
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SS10 silver medalist Brett "Maddog" Banasiewicz added to the SS11 BMX line-up! Brett pretty much nailed most of the other park and dirt comps at top three throughout the year, it's exciting to see what he has to bring on the table for 2011.

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Simpel Session 10 TV show will be shown on Extreme Channel France on Christmas Day, 25.12 @ 10:00!
Ross, Kachinsky and Dugan added!
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Stoked to have Aaron Ross, Brian Kachinsky and Tom Dugan added to the SS11 BMX line-up!

SS11 ads comin soon
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Good times today at the XL Studio shooting our new ads. Thanks a bunch for Andu, Eki and Toomas and all our crew for helping out. Stay tuned for the ads. Also big thanks to Evelyn for letting to use her lovely studio space!

Two Simpel Session clips at Top 10 Most Watched Ride BMX Videos in 2010!
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Two Simpel Session videos made it to the list of Ride Magazine 2010’s Top 10 Most Watched Videos.

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We have added Tomas Vintr and Lukas Danek, two wellknown skaters for Simpel Session audience and two new faces from Czech Republic Martin Pek and Pepa Tipanic to the skateboarding list!

Corey Martinez confirmed!
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SS10 Finalist and proud owner of the title Nora Cup Video Part of the Year (for his epic section in 'This is United') – Corey Martinez will back for the Simpel Session 11!

One of the smoothest riders on the scene today, Corey brings an effortless style to even the harshest of street moves. He's achieved legend status with acclaimed video parts and a bunch of NORA Cup awards for Street Rider of the Year, and he continues to innovate every day. Although he's more focused on filming than he is on contests, Simpel Session proves to be one of Corey's favorites – this will be his fourth visit to Tallinn. We're excited to see what he has to bring on the street side of things of the brand new SS11 course where he's going to be battling with other street maniacs as Dakota, Reynolds, Simms, Lacey and many others.

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Madars Apse LAT

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