Simpel Session Ridaz Interview continues...
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Ronnie Surridge, Joris Coulomb, Paul Ryan, Ben Snowden, Daniel "Naran" Peñafiel ...
Kai Kuusisto's BMX photography exhibition!
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We have opened one of finest Nordic BMX photographer Kai Kuusisto's photo exhibition "When Everything Was Forgotten" ("Kun Kaikki Unohtui“) at Artis Cinema lounge. The photos were first being exhibited in August, in Helsinki Finland as a part of URB10 urban art festival organised by Kiasma contemporary art museum. The exhibition stays open throughout next week and until 11th of February. So you can have a look before and after the film screenings at Simpel Session Film Festival.

The Film Festival takes place on 2-4th of February in Artis.
Have a look of the film program here.

Artis Film Theatre is located in Solaris Center (Estonia pst. 9)

Thanks goes to amazing riders performing in the photos (Érico, Pedro, Marv, Adrè, Raigo, Martti, Aleksi, Toon, Tiago, Veiko, Daniel and Kert), to Artis Film Theater, of course to Kai himself and to Andreas for helping to install the exhibition.

More Simpel Session Ridaz interviews!
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Mike Fede, Dan Norvell, Alex Coleborn, Dylan Smith, Simone Barraco, Stefan Lantschner, Daniel Tünte, Eki Vainikka ... still more to come @ FatBMX!
Simpel Session NEW ERA caps!
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Check out the exclusive preview at Defgrip!

The hats will be soon available at our online store & at the event next week.

Ryan vs Ryan
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Check out this video about two Ryans – Sheckler and Decenzo - battling it out at the X-Games 16, where Ryan Sheckler took his third X-gold. They're both gonna be skating for the podium spots at Simpel Session 11!

Ryan Sheckler is in the game!
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Ryan Sheckler, winner of his 3rd gold at the X-Games last summer, has confirmed his second visit to Tallinn, European Capital of Culture 2011!

Recovered from his ancle injury, which kept him cheering in the riders lounge last year, the 21-year old star skater is in it for the win at SS11.

Without a question the highest ranking skateboarder of all times, Sheckler will be going against Peter Ramondetta (USA), winner of skate street at Simpel Session 08, the young European champion Axel Chruysbergs (BEL), Chris Haslam (CAN), Ryan Decenzo (CAN), countless Scandinavian skaters and many others in wintertime Estonia. Sounds like something for the history books! For the first time ever, the results achieved at Simpel Session will translate into points for the WCS rankings.

Check out Sheckler's winning run at the 2010 X-Games:

Check out an interview with Sheckler at the Simpel Session 10:

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Check out more short interviews about the upcoming Simpel Session with riders like Daniel Wedemeijer, Andre Jesus, Michael Beran, Ben Lewis, Adrian Malmberg, Aleks Issaenko, Isaac Lesser, Patrick Alaspää, Oliver "Kass" Kurbas, Viktor Ignatenko, Jukka Mäennenä & Rasmus Paimre

Still more to come!
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Latvian skaters battle for 4 Simpel Session 11 invitations this Saturday at their local skatepark anniversary contest.

Full Schedule is online!
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