Riders first impressions video
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Video about first impressions from pro BMXers about the course and expectations about the upcoming weekend. This is gonna be so nuts!

Video by Ryys
Transworld will be covering the whole Simpel Session weekend
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Ride BMX US: "The course this year in Estonia at Simpel Session is another great one… maybe their best yet. You can tell just by looking at the ramps and rider list that a ton of wild stuff is going down. Check out our course photos here along with a “by the numbers” list of what all is behind one of the year’s best contests…"

Check out the photos here.

Besides Ride BMX US, most of important BMX and skate media will cover the event: Transworld Skateboarding, all Factory Media sites, ESPN, Fuel TV, Extreme Channel, Vital BMX, Freecaster and the list goes on...
Simpel Session 11 Course Assembling Timelapse Part 2
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Riders are gathering in Tallinn from all over the world!
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Tallinn Airport / Photo by Fat
Simpel Session interview on theComeUp
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There's an interview up at the ComeUp site with Simpel Session's Risto Kalmre...
Simpel Session 11 Course Assembling Timelapse 1
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Simpel Session 11 Course assembling update!
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We have started to assemble the course. We've been building it for 20 days already and moved to the arena yesterday. It's going great and boy... is this thing massive! By far one of the biggest (if not the biggest) we've ever built! The riding on this is going to be so insane and unique. So many lines and the stuff is huge.

Go and get your tickets, looking the numbers now, it's going to be sold out again!

BMX legends at the SImpel Session!
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Simpel Session 11 is not only visited by hundreds of riders and worldwide press, we're also honored to host of some of the most honorable guests who are flying over just to watch the contest and experience the Simpel Session. Namely old school BMX vert legends and gurus Mike Dominguez, Xavier Mendez and Brian Blyther are coming over all the way from California.

Simpel Session pop-up shop and exhibition @ Solaris center!
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Limited edition Simpel Session t-shirts and New Era gaps, as well as new Sahtel magazines are on sale in Simpel Session pop-up shop in Solaris center, 0-level! Shop is open 15-20 on weekdays and 12-17 on weekends. Also Simpel Session photo exhibition is up for a glance next to the booth.

Last minute addition to the skate line-up!
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We have added Brandon Biebel (Girl, Lakai, Silver, Momentum, Red Bull, Matix, FKD, Diamond) to the skate line-up.

Born in Chicago, Brandon started skating at 12 years old. Moving to Sacramento, CA Brandon became known at an early age for manual tricks, well put together lines, and smooth style. His breakout moment came in Transworld’s Modus Operandi, where his cameo in Chany Jenguinin’s part included the closing tricks, with the highlight being a massive nollie backside heelflip over a San Francisco ten stair. Soon thereafter, Brandon was on Girl Skateboards and Lakai and began putting out a consistent flow of amazing video parts and magazine coverage with notable highlights in Girl’s Yeah Right and Lakai’s Fully Flared. Brandon’s personality mixed with his undeniable presence in street skating make him a crowd favorite on and off the board. Brandon has also done well at contest such as Maloof Money Cup, RB Manny Mania and others.

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