Alex Valentino!
[01.12.10] Facebook Twitter

Alex Valentino from France is added to the BMX line-up! Hit the video below to see Alex shredding at the last Simpel Session.

British bad boys
[30.11.10] Facebook Twitter

British bad boys Ben Hennon and Sebastian Keep are in the BMX list. It's already hard to imagine any Simpel Sessions with out them.

Kevin Kiraly!
[30.11.10] Facebook Twitter

Kevin Kiraly from California is in the SS11 BMX line-up! This crowds favorite street rider hit the SS10 Final last winter and made him hungry for some more. Click the link below to see some of Kevins moves at the SS10 practice

Thaynan Costa
[29.11.10] Facebook Twitter

Young Portugese ripper Thaynan Costa is added to the skate line-up.

Zack Williams and Alex Coleborn
[29.11.10] Facebook Twitter

We have added two young British shredders to the BMX lineup – Zack Williams and Alex Coleborn. Zack rode in the Simpel Session 10 Finals last winter. Alex didn't made the cut last February but he has been doing well the remaining season making it to the Nike 6.0 BCN BMX Pro Finals among other events. Hit the link below for a small ramp session edit about Alex. It's filmed by Mike King, a skilled videographer who has been shooting at the Simpel Sessions as well.

Axel Cruysberghs!
[29.11.10] Facebook Twitter

We're stoked to have added Axel Cruysberghs from Belgium to the skate line-up. Axel is Simpel Session 09 Champion! He got hurt during the SS10 practice and broke his arm but Axel will be back for the Simpel Session 11 to redeem himself. Hit the link below for some footy of Alex before his injury at the last SS.

Santiago Muńoz from Colombia
[26.11.10] Facebook Twitter

At Simpel Session 10 we hosted riders from 30 different countries, making the contest the most international action sports event in the whole world. It looks like this February we're gonna break that record!

We have just confirmed a young gun from Colombia – Santiago Muńoz. The BMX world might not know too much about him, but we are convinced that's gonna change soon. Santiago has already proven himself at the home turf, winning everything there is to win in Colombia, and also starting to make a name for himself in Latin America. This February Santiago will make his first trip to Europe, to compete against all the top pros from around the world.

Simpel Session seems to have become a showcase for new awesome talent, especially from Latin America, as last time the BMX world witnessed several Brazilians hitting the western contest world big time.

Skate line-up news
[25.11.10] Facebook Twitter

We keep adding the skaters. After having some troubles with a leg injury last winter Ruben Rodrigues will be making his second trip to Estonia this February. Ruben ripped at the Session08 placing 5th in the final. He has also made a name for himself placing high at the Dew Tour, Mystic Cup, Tampa and Amsterdam AM.

He will not come alone, his Portugese apprentice, the new very young Element ripper Tiogo Lopez will be joining him to his first visit to Estonia.

[25.11.10] Facebook Twitter

Skate list kicks off too. We have added the one and only Chris Haslam to the skate line-up!

[11.11.10] Facebook Twitter

We have added two Brazilians to the BMX line-up. First one is 24-year old Leandro Moreira all the way from São Paulo. Leandro is a badass rider and placed as high as 6th in the final of Simpel Session 10 when he made his first visit to Tallinn last February. Check below for a video about Leandro killin’ it at various parks and trails at impressive spots around Brazil.

Second up is 20-year old André Jesus from Brazil. Unfortunately André got hurt at the last Simpel Session, but nevertheless he rode awesome and placed 19th in the crazy level of Simpel Session 10 final.

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