By Plane

Tallinn Airport

Address: Lennujaama tee 2 (appr 5km from city centre)

Tallinn has direct connections to these cities:
Amsterdam (Estonian Air)
Berlin (Estonian Air)
Bryssel (Estonian Air)
Copenhagen (Estonian Air, SAS)
Dublin (Ryanair)
Dusseldorf (Ryanair)
Edinburgh (Ryanair)
Frankfurt (Lufthansa)
Goteborg (City Airline)
Helsinki (Finnair)
Kiev (Estonian Air)
Lappeenranta (Air Baltic)
London (Estonian Air, Easyjet, Ryanair)
Milan (Estonian Air, Ryanair)
Moskow (Estonian Air)
Munich (Estonian Air, Lufthansa)
Oslo (Estonian Air, Ryanair, Norwegian)
Prague (Czech Airlines)
Stockholm (Estonian Air, Ryanair)
Turku (Air Baltic)
Varsaw (LOT)
Vilnius (Estonian Air)

Cheapest alternatives to get to Tallinn

Biggest airports in the area are in Helsinki (Finland) and in Riga (Latvia). If you don't find suitable direct flight you should definately check them out. Both of the major cheap airlines Easyjet and Ryanair are also flying to Riga and Helsinki. Connections between Tallinn and Riga and Helsinki are rather good (many flights a day) so it shouldn't be a trouble to connect there. If you are looking for a cheaper route you can check out those cheap airlines whether to Riga or Helsinki and continue your trip to Tallinn either by bus (Riga-Tallinn) or ferry (Helsinki-Tallinn).

Roundtrip by bus (Riga-Tallinn-Riga) costs about 25 euros and lasts less than 4 hours.

Ferry roundtrip with Tallink from Helsinki to Tallinn and back costs appr 65 euros and last 2 hours.