Summer Session, Helsinki Finland
20th August 2011

Simpel Session 11,
5-6th February 2011

Summer Session
, Helsinki Finland
13th August 2011

Simpel Session 10, Tallinn
6-7th February 2011

Simpel Summer Session 09
29th August 2009

Simpel Session 09, Tallinn
17-18th January 2009

Simpel Session 08
, Tallinn Estonia
25-27th January 2008

Simpel Session 07 Summer Splash, Tallinn Estonia
25rd August 2007

Simpel Session 07
, Tallinn Estonia
12-14th January 2007

Simpel Session 07 Pre-tour, Tartu–Pärnu–Tallinn
25, 26, 27th August 2006

Pop! Session 06 Winter Bash!,
Tallinn, Estonia
6-8th January 2006

Pop! Session 05 Winter Bash!, Tallinn, Estonia
8-9th January 2005

Simpel Session 04 Winter Bash!, Tallinn, Estonia
9-10th January 2004

Simpel Session 03, Tartu, Estonia
8-9th August 2003

Simpel Session 02, Tartu, Estonia
2-3th August 2002

Simpel Session, Tartu, Estonia
27-28th July, 2001

Pepsi Street Challenge, Tartu Estonia
27th September, 2000
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Ryan Decenzo CAN

Age: 24
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Sponsors: Darkstar, Globe, Thunder, Nixon, Dakine, Red Bull, RDS Apparrel, Neff, Bones
Contests: 1st place at The Tampa Am 2008

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