Here it is. After spending loads of time on it and going back and fourth with so many different sketches and plans we're now ready to present the course design of Simpel Session 10th Anniversary. We took the best features of the best Simpel Session park designs and mixed it up with new flavour – new elements, details and combinations. And oh boy, the result is one of the illest and most massive skateparks we've ever built for the event. It consists nearly endless lines for both monster air and gap maniacs as well as rail and ledges loving street wolves. The SS10 course offers deep-laid possibilities for both skateboarders and BMX-riders alike and for everyones pleasure the park unveils itself for the 3-day abuse of 200 worlds best bikers and skaters.
Stay tuned...


Simpel Session 09 skatepark:

Simpel Session 08 course design:

Simpel Session 07 course design: