Simpel Session 11 announced!

We are happy to announce that Simpel Session 11 will take place in the first week of February 2011 in Tallinn Estonia. We plan to have two full practice days this year as well as some exciting film screenings, so the full festival dates (together with the party program and the open day afterwards) will be 2-7 February 2011. This is still a preliminary info and there might come some changes but we felt we need to get this out as Tallinn2011 published some wrong dates in their materials and people have been asking about it quite a lot. So, start booking your calendar and flights! Main contest dates will be 5-6th of February 2011!

See you in Tallinn for an unforgettable weekend of the Simpel Session 11.

More info and new website soon.

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BFF 10 NYC this week 16-20th of June 2010!

If you're anywhere near New York this week, don't miss out the Bicycle Film Festivals 10th anniversary festival!

Go to for full program. Among so many great screenings about bikes of all kind there's also the BMX program curated by our friends at Defgrip. Not to be missed!

We're also very happy to work together with BFF founding director Brendt Barbur and his staff in bringing Bicycle Film Festival to Tallinn in full glory in 2011. Stay tuned for Tallinn Bicycle Week 2011!

Tallinn Bicycle

Just had a big meeting with bunch of city officials and heads of transport & communal ministry in order to gather/share information and develop bicycle culture in Tallinn. Stay tuned for 2011!
Simpel Session in Props issue 75

Check out this awesome Simpel Session 10 edit from the main section of PROPS video magazine issue 75. Filmed by Alex Baret and edited by Stew Johnson, this is one of the best available edits from SS10.
Harry Main @ Simpel Session

Harry Main has been a regular at Simpel Session for a while now and been shredding every year. But this year he really took off unleashing the 360 downside whip to late bars and placing 4th in the Final. Check out this great video to hear about the backgrounds.

Perus skate crew in Tallinn!

Perus Skateboards crew in Tallinn in May with Simo Mäkela, Pirkka Pollari, Sami Miettinen, Paul Ahero, Tuukka Korhonen, Eniz Fazilov, Jesse Turunen, Jussi Toropainen, Miika Sandelin, Berberi, Niilo Nikkanen and other friends. So good!

Perus trip was hosted by Simpel Sessions own Tanel Tepper.
Bunnyhop jam

On Saturday we made a small bunnyhop jam during Tallinn Day at Liberty Square (where Tallinn2011 program was announced). Aleks Issaenko cleared the highest bar (1.10m), followed closely by Oliver "Kass" Kurbas who managed to pull 1.05m as his top mark. It was fun! Big thanks to everyone who took part! Some photos are below:

Photos by Kaarel Mikkin

Simpel Session 11 introduction tomorrow at Vabaduse väljak

Tallinn2011 cultural capital organizes tomorrow (15th of May) an event called Tallinn Day on Vabaduse väljak (Freedom Square). During the day people of the city will find out what Tallinn holds in store for its year as European Capital of Culture. In addition to the booklet of events that will be distributed on the day, people can enjoy a selection of the events forming part of the programme. As one of the key events of the 2011 year, we're also giving a glimpse what to expect from Simpel Session 11.

Besides of a short introduction of Simpel Session 11, we're also throwing down a short flatland demo and bunnyhop contest featuring local riders.

See you tomorrow at 14:45 on Vabaduse väljak (Liberty Square).

Official link.


The fourth section from Estonian Mystic video that premiered at the Simpel Session 10. This crazy part is featuring Mystic/Metal bikes madman Kert Petersel.

Help to found new and proper skatepark for Tallinn!

There is a planning going on to finally build a real proper indoor skatepark near Tallinn!

The riders and skaters in and near Tallinn have waited this for a long time. In order to help and give your 5cents then please go HERE and fill in the questionnaire. The results of the poll questions help to plan the course, skatepark and facilities around it.

For a little kick Mystic has also put a 1000EEK gift card up for grabs for one lucky person who fills in the poll.

The questionnaire can be answered until 31st of March.

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