Veel Sessioni retrospektiivi: 2008 (BMX)

Veel üheksa päeva!!! Kiirusta ja osta pilet!
Veel üks Mysticu "The Video" tiiser

This video will be premiered during Simpel Session in Tallinn, Estonia at Sõprus film theater (Vana-Posti 8) on Saturday 6th of February at 22:00.

The video will also be available to buy on a DVD from Mystic booth at Simpel Session on Sunday 7th of February. And after the event of course from mysticbmx.com webshop.


TALLINN2011 ja Tallinna Spordi- ja Noorsooameti toetusel korraldame jällegi nagu tavaks saanud Simpel Sessioni lisapäeva, kuhu kõik Sessioni parki proovida tahtjad on väga teretulnud! Vaata täpsemalt ajakavast!

Veel Sessioni retrospektiivi: 2007 (BMX)

Footage by Alex Baret, edit by Props
Intekas Sessioni korraldaja Risto Kalmrega

FatBMX saidil saad lugeda värsket intekat ühe Sessioni põhikorraldaja Risto Kalmrega.
Peoprogramm on paigas!


Veel Sessioni retrospektiivi: 2006 (BMX)

Produtseeritud Thomas Fritcheri poolt
Shadow Conspiracy

As noted below, Drew is not the only Shadow rider to shred at Simpel Session 10. Paul Ryan, Niki Croft and Scott Ditchburn will be here to represent Shadow's UK department. And Shadows French rider Georgy Doremus is coming over as well.

Drew Bezanson Kanadast

As mentioned below Shadow's Drew Bezanson is coming over for Simpel Session! Blame Canada for this one. Drew is a serious destroyer at contests, parks, and on the streets. An unlimited amount of tricks, effortless style, and positive attitude make this young lad a perfect new addition to the Simpel Session 10 line-up. So be sure to watch out for Drew this year. It's his first Simpel Session visit. And check out his Power Hour edit from below. Ps. All this was thrown down in one hour! Amazing stuff...

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