Diogo Canina Brasiiliast

Diogo Canina is confirmed to ride at SS10! He is a riding buddy of Scotty Cranmer and is no stranger to the contest scene. The man has been winning big stuff in the States and all over the place. His collections include two X Games Superpark silver medals, gold in big-air BMX triples contest and bronze from the Dew Tour Panasonic Open in dirt discipipline

Diogo hails from Amparo Brazil, but is currently residing in Greenville NC - riding and training with guys like Colin Mackay, Ryan Nyquist, Dave Mirra and the rest of the legendary Greenville pros. Diogo is an incredibly talented rider and is also very friendly, respectable, humble and grateful for every opportunity he is given. Diogo is now living out his childhood dreams of living in the States, representing the companies he is proud of (Vans and Diamondback) and riding with and competing against the best pros in the world.

Simpel Session 09 was Diogo's first experience in our contest. But this years course is much more in Diogo's favour as he is more of a park and bowl rider. We're very excited to see what he will bring out this time.

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Meie Facebooki lehekülg on jõudnud peaaegu 4000. fännini. Palju tänu kõigile, kes meid lisanud on! Hindame teie toetust kõrgelt ning nüüd loosime iga nädal teie vahel Facebookis välja Simpel Sessioni pileteid. Kui tahad mängus osaleda, siis lisa ennast SS-i fänniks klikates ülal olevat nuppu. Keep on shreddin'
Javier Sarmiento osalemine kinnitatud!

Technical yet super stylish, Javier Sarmiento is simply among the best skateboarders ever to emerge from Europe - Vitoria, Spain, more precisely - or anywhere else, for that matter. Javi puffs a mean cloud of smoke and usually tends to float his boat pretty far under the radar. When he does decide to bless everyone with a photo or a video part, nine times out of ten it’ll be mind-blowing.
Checking his previous coverage, it’s clear to see that Javier has always been on the forefront of innovation in skateboarding, combining his raw talent and insane board control to create some truly amazing moments. Switch kickflip backside noseblunts? Javier has done them on hubbas. Switch 360 flips? He can pop them over handrails. Waist high backside tailslides both regular and switch? Javi has them on lock. It doesn’t matter what you set in front of Javier, because it’s common knowledge he will destroy it.
Just in case you think you might forget about Javi’s skills, you can get a refresher by watching his parts in The Firm's Can’t Stop, Volcom’s Chicagof or by checking out his section in éS Footwear’s éSpecial. Even if he does decide to stay under the radar the majority of the time, after watching those parts it’ll be impossible to not remember his name as he builds his reputation as an underground king. Javi riders in éS, Volcom and Nixon global teams.

Mine Garnier kodulehele, mängi ja võida pileteid Simpel Sessionile!


Saame ka kinnitada suure osa Soome rulatajaid. Ilma erilise järjekorrata siin on: mitmekordne SS hõbemedalist Eniz Fazliov (loe kindlasti ajakirjast Kingpin intervjuud), väga andekas ja tehniline võistlusrulataja Eero Anttila MicMaci tiimist ja tema tiimikaaslane, värske Soome meister 17- vanuseklassis Kasperi Kropsu.

Soome Adidase tiimist ühinevad meiega Jeremias Delgado, Tommy Björk ning vanameister Mikko Kivikoski. CTRL tiimist osalevad sellel suvel Haiglas demo andnud Olli Ilmonen ja Mikko Kostamo. Ja veidi hiljem samas kohas andsid Peruse ja Nike SB demo 2009 Soome meister Sami Miettinen, uskumatult hea stiiliga Miika Sandelin ja Pete Ruikka.
Video demost siin:

Melodica meeskonnast osaleb Soome meistrikate pronksmedalist Wille Mäkelä. Samuti on tulemas hõbemedalist Tommi Puustinen ning 7. koha omanik Miki Tähtinen. Ning just kinnitasime Joni Kiiskilä ja Eetu Sundvalli osalemise. Jess!

Oleme ka kinnitanud seekordse Läti rulatajate nimistu. Peale Madars Apse võtavad Sessionist osa SS09 13. koha omanik Artur Nilov (Emerica, Volcom, boards.lv), tema tiimikaaslane Maksims Feofilovs, juba läbi Sessioni ajaloo tuttav lokkis Rudolfs Hencels (Jart, Vans, Malita, Ripo), Ripo ja Malita tiimist Eduards Nehajenko ning kõrgete soovitustega Levs Berezins (DC, LGB Inc, Levi's, Balticskatesdist, Thunder).

Kauaoodatud Mysticu video esilinastub Simpel Sessionil!

This years Simpel Session will not go without video premiers. And this is not any video premiere but the long awaited Mystic feature! It’s the first proper full length Estonian BMX film! Shot over a period of two years in Estonia, Finland and Spain, you can expect sick riding, naked girls and quirky humor.

More info on the premiere will be announced soon. The video will be also available to buy on a DVD from Mystic mailorder shop.

Featuring riders: Kert Petersel, Raigo Suija, Anton Ardel, Sailent Bob, Joosep Nilk, Markus Kohtring, Lil John & Big John and friends.
Shot and edited by Roman “Vanaisa” Neimann and the Mystic crew

Kahe Sessioni kahekordse kuldmedalisti osalemine kinnitatud!

Things are getting very-very interesting. We have confirmed Ryan Nyquist and Garrett Reynolds who both have two Simpel Session gold medals in their pocket. Ryan won the event in 2005 and 2007, Garrett was unbeatable in 2008 and 2009. But so far they have never competed at the same Simpel Session.

Neither of these guys really don't need any introduction in the BMX world but for those of you still living in the darkness we have some insight of what to expect from these two Americans.

After winning nearly every street and dirt competition in the past three years, Ryan Nyquist has little more to conquer. But for Nyquist, the numerous awards haven’t dulled his desire to succeed; in fact, it has only fueled his fire. You could say Ryan Nyquist was born to ride. In fact, his name has become synonymous with the sport of BMX. Nyquist has been riding since the age of three and it doesn’t look like the multi X Games medalist is slowing down anytime soon.Nyquist is truly a gifted and versatile rider. At one point in his career, he competed in all three disciplines of freestyle BMX: Dirt, Street, and Vert — an accomplishment that has been attempted by only a few riders. The freestyle BMX world wouldn’t be the same without Nyquist, whose amazing talent and numerous accomplishments have etched his name in the BMX history books as one of the sport’s most consistent and progressive riders. His accolades are many; he has swept several competition series more than once including the Vans Triple Crown, LG Action Sports Championships, and King of Dirt contests. He consistently places in the top three in competitions worldwide and if that’s not enough, he has a handful of X Games, Dew Tour and Gravity Games medals to boot. Nyquist has made a name for himself both on and off his bike. He has a signature shoe with Adidas, trading cards, action figures, a signature series with Haro Bikes, and he’s a featured video game character in Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2.He’s been featured in numerous trade and mainstream magazines and TV shows and even movies. But take all the medals and cash prizes away and you will still find Nyquist on his bike. Ryan Nyquist’s number one love is BMX; lucky for him he is one of the best riders out there and success seems to follow him wherever he goes.

In the past years Garrett Reynolds has taken over the BMX scene. His inexplicable natural talent and quick tricks earned him great reputation as an amazing all around rider, destroying anything you throw at him. He has been dominating the real street discipline at the X Games recently. He has also had a significant effect on the Dew Tour the past few years. Tight pants and tech moves are Garrett Reynolds' trademarks, and he packs what seems like a hundred tricks into each of his contest runs. His rapid-fire style allows him to drop tricks over every transition and wedge he rolls his wheels over. He loves to spin the bars, as evident in his truckdriver drop-ins and barspin 540s. Garrett's riding style is at the same time big, smooth and tech, and he's not afraid to put it all on the line to impress the judges at contests. And that's just what Garrett does. Garrett is fearless in his riding, and that attitude has gained him a lot of notice in the BMX world in the past years. He pretty much makes sure you are always stunned at what he is doing, always on the edge of your seat. Garrett's latest achievements include finishing high school and winning Best Street rider of the Year and Best Video Part of the Year in 2009's Nora Cup. Garrett doesn't let his success bother him though. He says he's not an athlete and is just a skinny ass bike rider.

And we have another news to throw at you. The amazing German Tobias Wicke is going to try to make it to Simpel Sesison 10. He is recovering from knee injury and is not yet 100% sure if he'll be all healed up for the time of the contest but he's doing his best to come and take part. We will update on that soon. That would add even one more Simpel Session gold medalist to the SS10 line-up. Tobias won the event in 2004 beating Dave Osato and Alistair Whitton who placed second and third accordingly. In 2005 Toby took second just after Nyquist. Tobias got unlucky both at Session 06 and 07, even though he qualified then he got injured and couldn't ride the finals. The last couple of years (08-09) mr. Wicke has been battling with injuries and hasn't been able to come to Estonia. Hopefully this year the Champion will be back.

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