If you are thinking about coming out for Simpel Sessionit probably wouldn't hurt to know a bit more about Estonia and Tallinn.

Tallinn - the capital of Estonia, lies in the northeast corner of Baltic Sea region, in Northern Europe. Estonia shares land boarders with Latvia and Russia, just 50 miles across the Gulf of Finland is the capital of Finland - Helsinki, Sweden lies in the west.

With its chocolate-box skyline of needle-like spires and red-tiled roofs, Tallinn may look like a medieval theme park. Contrary to its olde worlde appearance, it is, in fact, one of European leaders in information technology. Half of the population use e-banking, tram tickets and parking spaces can be paid for via a text message, most of the country is covered with wireless internet and it's also the base of Skype.
But if you want history the city has it in spades. The medieval city of Tallinn was first put on the map in 1154, and today remains firmly marked as a favourite holiday destination on the Gulf of Finland.

The legacy of the anti-aesthetic Soviet era is that the pretty old Tallinn is ringed by newer sections of town, in many places dominated by brutal Stalinist architecture. This makes Tallinn an interesting place for street riding - there's plenty of both new and old spots all over the city. A great number of good outdoor skateparks are scattered all over the country, largely in the courtesy of Sessionramps - a company closely connected to Simpel Session.

When the weather gets cold, then there's plenty of things going on indoors in the booming nightlife of Tallinn, Europe's latest party capital as titled in the New York Times. And it's all still reasonably priced. there are quite a few places where to hang out and party. Some of the best clubs are: Bonbon, Hollywood, Prive, Von Krahl, Rock Cafe and so on.

Tallinn has good direct air connections to main European capitals. Direct flights from London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm etc with companies as Easyjet, Estonian Air, SAS, KLM, Finnair and many more. Add to that numerous ferries from Helsinki and Stockholm for those who appreciate a good boattrip.

Session is held in Saku Arena. It features 7000 seats and a nice ground for our event. The address of Saku Arena is Paldiski mnt 104b, Tallinn.

Welcome to Estonia:)!