The contest will be held in BMX street and skateboarding street. There's also gonna be skate best trick jam and BMX 180 longjump.

(prize purse 6000 EUR)
As last year the skate street contest will be in jam format. In the qualifying rounds, the contestants are divided into groups of three. Each group will have 3 minutes to skate. Out of the qualifying rounds, 27 riders will go to the semifinals and the riders with the best three scores will advance straight to the finals. In the semifinal, the riders are divided in groups of three again and the 12 best will go ahead to the finals - there are a total of 15 riders in the finals. Each finalist will have two runs, one minute each, to prove he is the best. As usual, the grand jury will consist of international experts and aging pro-skaters.


(prize purse 750 EUR)


(prize purse 6000 EUR)
In the qualification rounds riders are split randomly in groups of 4 people. The contest will be organized in jam format where 4 people ride by turns in session of 8 minutes. The overall amount of 96 riders is divided in half - two heats. First heat - 48 riders has practice time of one hour. Then each jam group has 8 minutes time to ride the course (no extra tricks in qualifyings when the time is over!). After group nr 12 there is an hour break and practice time for the second heat (12 groups of 4 riders). Then we will hold the qualification for second heat. Score range in qualifying is 20-100 from each judge, 3 average scores are taken into account (lower and higher score will be eliminated).
20 riders will qualify for the finals where riders are formed into groups according to their placing in qualifyings. Each group has the time of 10 minutes + last trick/set of tricks. Score range in finals is 70-100. The BMX jury will consist of five international experts.

(prize purse 750 EUR)
The longest 180 off a little kicker ramp with a pulled roll back.