Name: Simpel Session 08
Time: 25-27th January
Place: Saku Suurhall, Tallinn Estonia

Simpel Session has been around for seven years and has grown to a major contest and meeting point both in the world of skateboarding and BMX. But although rocking a crazy line-up of riders, awesome skatepark layout and cutting-edge media broadcasts, it's still just one huge party where riders come to hang out with their friends and enjoy the laid-back vibe.

As one goes we'll be down with two  events  - skateboarding street and BMX street. We're very happy to have two of these sports combined in Simpel Session as they feed from each other and make the contest stand out from todays trends. Our recent skatepark setup was a real favourite among skaters and bikers alike - this is something we're really stoked on and continue to experiment with. Unconventional course enriches both sports and pushes them in new directions.

Besides street  we are making Red Bull special events as well as more regular best trick jams. And as everyone knows parties are of course important part of the event.

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