Qualification contest to Simpel Session Winter Bash on BMX and skateboarding street. The qualification is ment for the riders in Estonia and rest of the Baltic States.

BMX Street
The contest is in jam format where riders are divided into groups of four. Every jam group have 6 minutes to ride the course in turns. 16 best riders will make the cut to the finals and are divided again into groups of four. The best 8 Estonian riders, best 5 Latvian riders and best 3 Lithuanian will win a pass for Simpel Session in January. The passes for Simpel Session are taken from overall contest standings, it is not counted if the rider rode the finals or not. First 3 contestants in the final will win prizes from Vans and MysticBMX (prize purse is 25.000 krones).

Skate street
In the qualifying rounds, the contestants are divided into
groups of four. Each group will have 3 minutes to skate. Out of the qualifying rounds, 20 riders will go to the finals. Each finalist will have two runs, one minute each, to prove he is the best. Best 10 estonians, 5 latvians and 3 lithuanians will win the invitations to Simpel Session 08.

The organizers accept no responsibility for the possible accidents or broken bikes/skates during your riding in the Simpel Session contest. We highly recommend to wear safety gear during your ride! Wearing a helmet is obligatory in BMX contests!