Kinomaja (Uus street 3) & in Sõprus (Vana-Posti 8)


Tickets for most double/triple features cost 40.- EEK (about 2.5 EUR), except single features "Imagination 2", "Circle #1" and"Joe Kid on a Stingray" -  they will cost 25.- EEK. Tickets are available in theatres before screenings. All films are in english dubs or subs.



Wednesday 10th of Jan
18:00-19:15 in Sõprus.
Men at Work (retrospective: first Estonian skate movie; 1999)
Mirraco promotional short movie (USA 2006, premiere)
19:30-20:00 in Sõprus. Skate film.
Imagination 2 (Russia 2005-2006)
20:30-22:00 in Kinomaja. BMX film.
Joe Kid on a Stingray (USA 2006)

Thursday 11th of Jan
18:00-19:00 in Sõprus. Skate film.
1st & Hope (USA 2006)
19:00-20:00 in Sõprus. BMX films.
New Zealand section of Fly Bikes 'Dos' (Spain 2007, world premiere)
Fit Bikes 'Fitlife' (USA 2006)
20:00-21:30 in Kinomaja. Skate films.
E-Molli (Finland 2006)
Get Familiar (USA 2006, Estonian premiere)
45m of Film (Finland 2005)

Friday 12th of Jan
15:00-16:30 in Kinomaja. BMX films.
Volume Bikes 'On the Clock' (USA 2006, European premiere)
Facad 'The One' (USA 2006)
Hoffman Bikes 'Broke Off' (USA 2006)
20:00-21:45 in Sõprus. Skate films.
Kolma (Finland 2006)
Don't Walk (Japan 2005)
A Mul Meeldõb (Estonia 2006, premiere)
22:30-23:30 in Kinomaja. BMX film.
Circle #1 (Germany 2006)



Fly Bikes "Dos" Gonzalo Manera, David Quesada & Guiri. Spain 2006-2007.
Fly Bikes 'Dos': With riders like Sergio Layos, Kevin Porter, Punjab, Perico, Garrett Byrnes and Ruben Alcantara on the team list it's difficult to go wrong. Fly Bikes 'One' created a proper fuss in BMX scenes around the world, so expect the 'Dos' deliver  a worthy sequel. Over the years, the Spanish company has picked up talented riders worldwide and next rider to break through is Daniel Penafiel. Because they are not from Southern California and willing to travel, expect to see some unique spots redible riding in Fly Bikes Dos. Fly Bikes riders Sergio Layos and Luke Marchant will also visit Simpel Session 07. Fly Bikes Dos will be premiered in late December in Spain.

Fit Bikes "Fitlife" Brian Wizmerski & Robbie Morales. USA 2005-2006. (30min)
Fit Bikes 'Fitlife': FIT raised the level of video introductions at the Las Vegas Interbike show. The "Joint" at the Hard Rock cafe was packed and for good reason. Wiz had come through with an outstanding video with great parts from Van Homan and Brian Foster. It's got the best soundtrack too! Don't miss this showing, don't be that guy. 'Fitlife' is considered the best release in 2006. One of the hottest name in current BMX Chase Hawk from Austin US rides for Fit and is the star of the video. He is also present in Simpel Session 06.

Mirraco short movie Will Stroud. USA 2006. (15min)
Mirraco short movie: When Dave Mirra started his own company a year ago all eyes were on him. What is he going to do? What are his plans? Who is he going to pick up? Fast forward a few months and the Mirraco short movie should answer a few questions, produced by Will Stroud. It explains his vision, his reasons and it introduces the riders he picked up to ride for Mirraco. The Icon of the sport explains.......... Dave Mirra along with his team riders Mike Spinner and Mike Laird will fly over to Simpel Session 07. Also video producer Will Stroud will be here. It will be the first screening of this short movie.

Circle #1 Thomas Fritcher & Markus Wilke. Germnay 2006. (50min)
Circle #1:  A European BMX video magazine. Issue one. Directed and edited by Markus Wilke and Thomas Fritscher. Okay, you want to know what's going on in Europe but you don't want to read the magazines. You want to see the action. You want to slow-mo that trick, you want to replay that section. Action speaks louder than words and Circle #1 has you covered. Both of the crew (Markus and Thomas) and the riders from Circle #1 (belgian Hannu Cools and british Ben Hennon) will be present in Simpel Session 06. Circle #1 dvd will hit the European stores and distributions a day later after the screening.

Volume Bikes "On the Clock" Glenn Milligan. USA 2005-2006. (30min)
Volume Bikes 'On the Clock': The Glenn Milligan production premiered in Hollywood (California) last month and the whole crew flew in to see the flick. It was years in the making and the result is awesome. John Heaton got picked up by Volume in the middle of 2006 and ended up getting the last part of the video after producing banger after banger. The video not only shows Volume riders but the Demolition parts crew too.

Facad "The One" Bruce Crisman, Jesse Miller and Andrew McMullen. USA 2006. (30min)
Facad 'The One': Bruce Crisman once surprised everyone with his silver medal in street at the San Francisco X-Games. Bruce's style was different and unique in the same way. Facad shows Bruce's riding but also that of his close friends. Brakeless, pegless and freecoasters, Facad "The One" covers it all.

Hoffman Bikes "Broke Off" Will Stroud. USA 2006. (30min)
Hoffman Bikes 'Broke Off': Pain is temporary, glory is forever. It's not easy to deliver film parts. The Hoffman Bikes crew had a hard time staying injury free. Add to that some insight on Mat Hoffman's injuries and hopefully you will still be motivated to ride after watching Broke Off. Seth Kimbrough's part will get you in the mood, that's for sure. The film was premiered in late November in the States.

"Joe Kid on a Stingray" John Swarr & Mark Eaton. USA 2006. (90min)
Joe Kid on a Stingray: To know where you're going, you got to know where you're coming from. Joe Kid On A Stingray is a well done production by John Swarr and Mark Eaton on the history of BMX. They gathered tons of footage and put everything together in a nice timeline of how the sport of BMX has developed. If you have ever owned a BMX bike, you have to see this movie. A lot has happened over the last 30 years.



„Men At Work" Number One. Estonia, 1999.
The first official Estonian skatevideo that you could buy from a skateshop instead of recording your friends' friends edition. The premier was held in the fall of 1999 at the legendary Converse skatepark in the middle of the dark industrial fields of Lasnamäe. There was about 30 people present, who sat on a cold asphalt floor, in front of a TV, ruining their kidneys. According to Mr. Loginov himself, about 50 videos were later sold. There are spots in this video that are no more and guys of whom the younger generation has never heard of. A genuine piece of Estonian skateboarding history.

„Imagination 2".  Skatemedia Productions. Russia, 2005 – 2006.
„Mother Russia" has always tried to be fancy, glamorous and powerful. Skating in Russia today is sick. Really sick. Now, when you add the visual glamour and fanciness to a skatevideo, you get something that could only come out of Russia.

„1st & Hope". Brian Lotti and The Malloys. USA 2006.
An honest documentary about skateboarding in downtown Los Angeles with Brian Lotti, Kenny Anderson and many other known and less – known people. A film about what a perfect day of skateboarding could look like instead of everything that we are used to seeing in videos & magazines. You won't see three angles of the same trick, someone jumping down 20 stairs or some huge rail, instead you will see a shitload of spots and even more people skating them.

„Kolma". Jussi Turunen. Finland, 2006.
Story is a skateshop in Sheffield, England that publishes scene-videos from inependent videomakers. Kolma, a video by Jussi Turunen is the first of what will hopefully be a whole series. Why? Because in this video you'll find everything that you'd excpect from a good scene-video – inside jokes, gangstarap and selfmade rapvideos in Swedish, regardless of any linguistic skills. You'd think that all this is done unprofessionally, but the situation here is actually vice versa. The scene itself will be introduced in the video by Pekka Puupää himself…

„Don't Walk". Yousuke Nakamura. Japan, 2005.
Japan is the land of sushi, sake and ninjas. While watching a Japanese skatevideo you instantly think about the ninjas. In case you haven't noticed, the legs of an Asian skater flex a little different than the legs of an average, stiff, caucasian skater. Interesting spots, funny names and those skateninjas in an overall stylish video.

„Get Familiar". Chris Hall. USA, 2006.
„Get Familiar" is an indievideo á la „Static 2", but in addition to the East Coast skating there is footage here from the West Coast as well, plus Mark Gonzales and Donny Barley. Barley has been lo-profile for the past few years, but here he proves that there is still only one Donny Barley in skateboarding. Gonzales on the other hand, continues doing what he does best – making you smile. In addition to all this, there are loads of people of whom you might or might have not heard about, mainly from Washington D.C.

„45. M.O.F." Tuomas Nyyssönen. Finland, 2005.
Super 8 was a format largely used in the 70s to make homevideos of your familys vacation. Because of the digitalization of everything this film stock is rather expensive today. Despite of this, there are enthusiasts still around today who spend their money and time  filming their friends. What happens is something visually strong.

„A mul meeldõb." Antti Sinitsyn. Estonia, 2006.
The premiere of the first video by a younger generation of dudes from Tallinn. I was asked to say that this is, in fact, underground. Street skating from all over Estonia without any lame footage from skateparks. Solid.

„E-Molli" Samu Karvonen, Erik Lehtola & Tuomas Höglund. Finland, 2006.
A scene-video from a younger generation of skaters from Helsinki. This is a generation, which considers Habitat's „Mosaic" as their „videodays". What happens in turn, is a video full of interesting skating and beautiful graphics.