Pop! Session Winter Bash 2006
January 6-8, Tallinn Estonia

The Session has once more dodged the blizzards and polar bear traps and invites you to join us midst the icy fields of Tallinn in the Saku Arena on January 6-8, 2006.  Apart from the vigorous ... we have something to get your heart bumping - you and another 10,000 spectators who will be checking out the event. That makes the Pop! Session the largest event of its kind in Eastern Europe accompanied by more than 130 riders from 20 different countries. The regulars - BMX Street and Vert and Skateboard Street - contests set aside, we'll be down with Girls Skateboard Street diciplines and the contestants - they're gonna love this - will be able to take away a 12,000 Euro prize purse!

If you're reading so far just think about all the funky music, friendly atmosphere, retail booths and the ever-so-notoriuos afterparties and you got yourself an event you don't want to miss.

Come out of your igloo and join us for the Session!
Welcome to the Bash!